About This Blog

This is my attempt at over-sharing mine and my family's super exciting life. {Insert sarcasm here} We were recently blessed with a beautiful baby girl and I want to be one of those annoying moms that documents all the milestones my daughter hits that are overtly exciting to me, but extremely uninteresting to other people.

My life is crazy and out of order and I wouldn't change it for the world.  We don't live by the book or by a script - hence the blog title- and I cherish all the outtakes of our lives more than the plans. 

I also recently started up my own photography business and have an obsession with capturing every. single. thing. I see. You will be getting to know us more through pics than anything else. 

If you think reading about our life and following my photography is something you would like to do, than by all means, follow me and enjoy our posts.  I can't promise you will relate, or that this will in someway change your life, or even brighten your day but I can promise that you won't be disappointed.

DISCLAIMER: I do, in fact, hope that this blog does help you and/or brighten your day in some way.  If so, rock on!

Feel free to contact me at anytime!


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