Friday, April 6, 2012

Birth, baby, and a little beyond. {VERY long}

I really look to this blog as my memory keeper for my family, and I really need to stay on top of the updating.

So, with all that aside, I had my baby.

5 weeks ago!  (Yes, really need to stay on top of updating...)

It's another GIRL!  We couldn't be more thrilled.

A best friend for Emerson (or a sworn enemy), either way, two little girls are such a blessing.

My birth this time around was a lot less "dramatic".  I developed a fever the night before I went into labor, and felt zero movement from the baby.  So my midwife sent me to the hospital to be monitored.  Long story short, everything was fine, I had a virus, and 3 hours after I was sent home, I was back again in full blown labor! I had ZERO sleep for almost an entire day, so I was exhausted!

I labored for 17 hours, at 4cm (This is typical for me, I apparently don't progress past 4cm..), so my midwife broke my water, and the contractions came on even stronger.

This was good.  This was progress.  Baby was coming.

I spent a lot of time in the shower laboring, trying to let gravity do it's job and trying to relax as much as possible.

After about another hour or so, I was still at 4cm.  I needed more progress, especially with the strength of these contractions.  My midwife suggested due to my fever and exhaustion that an epidural may help me progress.  At this point, I NEEDED progress, my body was at a stand still, and the pain was unbearable!

So we agreed that at the next exm if I wasn't at 7/8cm we would try the epidural route.  Lo and behold I was still at 4cm!  So, I got a very low dose epidural, helped me relax, but the pain in my hips was insanity!!!!  I literally was screaming, "I CAN'T PUSH!!"

Of course that was not an option.  Within a half hour of the epi I progressed from 4cm to 10!! Woo hoo lets get going!!!

After 4 hard and insanely painful pushes, out came our little lady! She was so tiny!  She was born at exactly 38wks, this one wanted out early, and we all predicted this one would definitely be early!

She started nursing immediately, and our nursing journey has been fantastic since day one.  Emerson was not so easy.  I think as a second time nursing mother, you just grasp it a lot quicker.  I also know, that the zero separation from mom after birth helped as well.  I think it took a good week to develop a good latch, and a good rhythm with Em.  It was extremely challenging.  I'm glad it went a lot smoother with Sierra.

However, Sierra refuses any form of bottle.  Should be interesting to see how she does in a few weeks when I work a wedding.

So, I present to you..
Sierra Marie.  6lbs 8oz 19" long!

All in all my birth experience was wonderful again.  I have the most amazing medical professional on my side.  My midwife Melanie.  I have sent two people to her already, and I hope all my friends will use her.  She means the world to me and my family.

I also had a fantastic birth photographer and will cherish these pictures forever!!! My best friend, mom and grandma were present for the birth as well, and it was truly a magical moment!!!

I have the coolest midwife.  She is just hangin' out while the heartbeat gets checked for a few. 

power through...

Checking to see....IT'S A GIRL!!!

3 generations.  Totally wish em was in this pic too.

I also snapped a few newborn pics of my little lady.  I seriously felt so out of my element doing it too.  As if I have never photographed a newborn before!  I really regret not hiring someone. I was in no state of mind to photograph my own child.  It was very hard to separate mom and photographer.  I think they came out not too bad after all was said and done.

7 days

7 days
9 days

9 days

16 days

16 days

16 days

19 days

19 days.  When I tell you she loves her sis.  I mean it.

19 days.  Taken by my mentor Jeff from Schoch Photo Design

 I find myself comparing the two all the time.  They looked similar as newborns, they have Brian's ears which is so funny, and they both had a ton of hair.  Both their eyes were blue, and Em's are ice blue now, so I wonder if Sierra will have the same.  We all think Sierra favors me more in terms of looks though.  She is a mix between me and Em.

They are also very different personality wise.  Em was so independent form day one.  It's like she never wanted to be a baby.  Sierra, is very needy.  Loves being held, and she bed shares with us.  Em wanted no part of that.  Loved her crib and her own space.  Sierra also loves tummy time.  Something Em despised!!

Honestly, I love their differences.  It amazes me that two people that come from the same mom and dad, can be so different. 

 Emerson is a fantastic big sis.  She took to the baby right away, tries to help change her diaper and lets me know when she is crying ::as if I don't already know::

The cutest thing yet is Emerson pretending to nurse her baby dolls. It is adorable!!

The girls are exactly a year and a half apart. What does the future hold for these two?  Will they be best friends for life?  I am excited to see them grow together.

to see them fight over toys..

and maybe even boys. :-)

As far as Emerson goes, she is growing like a weed and she has had a major language explosion between 18 and 19 months.  Her first two word string was "thank you."  Now she repeats everything!  She even has started singing.  It is amazing to just sit back and watch her.

She tells the dogs "GET DOWN" when they jump on the door to come in.  She also tells herself to get down when she is running along the couch.  Yes, I find myself telling her that all. day. long.

She will also throw something and wave her finger and say, "not nice!"  That is yet another thing I find myself telling her all day long.  She is like a little parrot!

She has also started to say "lay yooo" which is love you.  She will wrap her arms around herself and say it.  Melts my heart, and probably my most favorite thing to date!

She loves to test the waters as well.  If she is doing something bad, and I tell her no, she will cover her eyes.  I tell her, just because you can't see me, doesn't mean I can't see you! LOL.

I think we need to have a talk about strangers too. She will wave and say hi to every single person she sees.  It really is adorable, but she has no fear or unwillingness.

Lets see...You love your dolls and megablocks.  You love the iphone/ipad apps, and you LOVE "melmo!" aka, Elmo.

Emerson had been breaking out with tiny red dots around her mouth.  It looked like a binky rash, but I know any form of rash always has some underlying cause.  So, we found that she has a little dairy sensitivity and paired with teething, causes a Ph imbalance in your system.  Due to her sensitive skin, you would see even the smallest little dot, and it drove me nuts!  So, we are 100% casein free!  She is all cleared up, and just seems better all around.  Behavior is better, focus is better.  It was the right choice for now.

Speaking of dairy, I'm eliminating dairy from my diet as well.  Sierra has a bit of reflux, which dairy is usually the culprit in exclusively breastfed babies, so we will see how she does.

And I have to leave you with a pic of my gorgeous first born...
Emerson at 18 months.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

All in one.

This post will probably be a mish mosh of events and updates!

After all, the title of this blog is "Life Unscripted" and so maybe I felt it appropriate to stick to the theme?!

First off, my kid is 16 months. Sometimes I say a year and a half and sometimes I say 16 months, I think it depends on who I'm talking to.  But, yea, 16 months..

I remember when I was 16wks...


with her.

Now I'm 31 weeks (today) pregnant with HER baby brother or sister. Whaaaa????

Do I have pics? No.  Sadly.  I promise to update with a pic one day soon.  But, I compiled a few iphone pics for fun!

I love my camera, I really do.  But, it is my work.  I do not like mixing my work with home life.  I leave that thing in the camera bag 90% of the time if I'm not on a shoot, unless it is a major event or something.  I have a point and shoot that I love but I need to get it fixed.  I was also thinking about investing in the Nikon 1, but I'm not sure about that either..  So, for now I use my iphone instead of worrying about getting the perfect pic, making the perfect light, having the perfect settings.  It takes away from precious time with my family, and no picture can replace that.  Those moments fly by too quickly, and to me, those are MY perfect moments.

So this is what our little bean, monkey, beast, monka bean, girly monk ( some of the names we have for her) is doing since her 1st birthday...

She loves her doggie and her doggie loves her.  She will throw food on the floor for the dogs (particularly her pal Mattis - the cute german shephered pictured above) and wave her finger at them saying, "bad bad bad"...Ummm no kid, YOU are the one that threw the food on the floor...

She loves to climb, read (we are currently building her a book nook corner in the play room), play in her castle with daddy, feed her baby doll "meh meh" (how she says milk), play in her kitchen, and loves pretend play!

She does some pretty funny shit stuff too. When the dogs bark, she puts her finger to her mouth and says, "shhhhhh.." She woofs when she sees a "daw" (her word for dog), squawks when she sees a "bah" (her word for bird), and moos for her little cow toy. 

Her dancing is out of control too. Too much to handle.  She loves country, and then rock is probably her second favorite.  She loves when daddy plays the guitar for her too.  A new thing she does is put her hands under her chin when she hears the "blue's Clues" song say, "Sit down in our thinking chair and think..think...thiiinnnkkkk.." (don't judge my attempt to sing via my blog post..)

She has a very growing vocab. I'd say about 15 words...

hi, bye-bye, more, drink (which is "da" with the sign), ball (loves anything to do with balls.  She is actually very good at kicking them back and forth with you), book, cow, dog, bird, mama, dada, uppy (she will say that when she wants to get up from the table and when she wants to get up on the couch with me), down (she will go over to the basement door and say down for her playroom and point to the basement door), giraffe (which sounds more like "raff"), that (everything is that! She will point to something and say, "THAT!"), eye, and beebee (for belly button ).

We are working on saying the word "baby"  because she knows there is something in mommy's belly and loves to smack it and kiss it.  I don't know if the roundness is what is appealing to her, but she will smack it hard! Hope that isn't a foreshadowing of things to come...sigghhh....

She is a little drama baby too.  Loves putting the phone to her ear and talks in some crazy gremlin gibberish talk. It's hilarious!!! She can open the door to her bedroom now, so she will take her "convo" into her room and slam the door. She is copying me walking around talking on the phone..oh boy...  So now we have to lock her door and a major fit will ensue shortly after she notices she can't open the door!

She has also been a healthy little beast.  We give her child life colostrum powder with probiotics, and vitamin d3 (which is actually a hormone, and why it is such a fantastic "vitamin") and try our hardest to give her "real"(non-GMO, organic, grass fed, free range, locally grown) food. She only has about 8oz of milk a day, cow's milk isn't the greatest thing for you so we limit it.  Which she is fine with.  She strictly drinks water, has no interest in anything else, which I am just fine with. We want to start eating as well as Em, but it's honestly very hard.  We are so focused on her eating right, that we find ourselves just whipping up something quick. All that being said, she sure does love her ice cream and cookies she gets once in a while.  Who doesn't??  She is also a big fan of pizza too...

Here is a little sneak at her one year blog post pics that I JUST did. The shoemaker's kids never have shoes...(Just click the image below)

Oh and here are some Christmas pics too!

Such a precious mish mosh of a post, right?


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