Saturday, January 7, 2012

All in one.

This post will probably be a mish mosh of events and updates!

After all, the title of this blog is "Life Unscripted" and so maybe I felt it appropriate to stick to the theme?!

First off, my kid is 16 months. Sometimes I say a year and a half and sometimes I say 16 months, I think it depends on who I'm talking to.  But, yea, 16 months..

I remember when I was 16wks...


with her.

Now I'm 31 weeks (today) pregnant with HER baby brother or sister. Whaaaa????

Do I have pics? No.  Sadly.  I promise to update with a pic one day soon.  But, I compiled a few iphone pics for fun!

I love my camera, I really do.  But, it is my work.  I do not like mixing my work with home life.  I leave that thing in the camera bag 90% of the time if I'm not on a shoot, unless it is a major event or something.  I have a point and shoot that I love but I need to get it fixed.  I was also thinking about investing in the Nikon 1, but I'm not sure about that either..  So, for now I use my iphone instead of worrying about getting the perfect pic, making the perfect light, having the perfect settings.  It takes away from precious time with my family, and no picture can replace that.  Those moments fly by too quickly, and to me, those are MY perfect moments.

So this is what our little bean, monkey, beast, monka bean, girly monk ( some of the names we have for her) is doing since her 1st birthday...

She loves her doggie and her doggie loves her.  She will throw food on the floor for the dogs (particularly her pal Mattis - the cute german shephered pictured above) and wave her finger at them saying, "bad bad bad"...Ummm no kid, YOU are the one that threw the food on the floor...

She loves to climb, read (we are currently building her a book nook corner in the play room), play in her castle with daddy, feed her baby doll "meh meh" (how she says milk), play in her kitchen, and loves pretend play!

She does some pretty funny shit stuff too. When the dogs bark, she puts her finger to her mouth and says, "shhhhhh.." She woofs when she sees a "daw" (her word for dog), squawks when she sees a "bah" (her word for bird), and moos for her little cow toy. 

Her dancing is out of control too. Too much to handle.  She loves country, and then rock is probably her second favorite.  She loves when daddy plays the guitar for her too.  A new thing she does is put her hands under her chin when she hears the "blue's Clues" song say, "Sit down in our thinking chair and think..think...thiiinnnkkkk.." (don't judge my attempt to sing via my blog post..)

She has a very growing vocab. I'd say about 15 words...

hi, bye-bye, more, drink (which is "da" with the sign), ball (loves anything to do with balls.  She is actually very good at kicking them back and forth with you), book, cow, dog, bird, mama, dada, uppy (she will say that when she wants to get up from the table and when she wants to get up on the couch with me), down (she will go over to the basement door and say down for her playroom and point to the basement door), giraffe (which sounds more like "raff"), that (everything is that! She will point to something and say, "THAT!"), eye, and beebee (for belly button ).

We are working on saying the word "baby"  because she knows there is something in mommy's belly and loves to smack it and kiss it.  I don't know if the roundness is what is appealing to her, but she will smack it hard! Hope that isn't a foreshadowing of things to come...sigghhh....

She is a little drama baby too.  Loves putting the phone to her ear and talks in some crazy gremlin gibberish talk. It's hilarious!!! She can open the door to her bedroom now, so she will take her "convo" into her room and slam the door. She is copying me walking around talking on the phone..oh boy...  So now we have to lock her door and a major fit will ensue shortly after she notices she can't open the door!

She has also been a healthy little beast.  We give her child life colostrum powder with probiotics, and vitamin d3 (which is actually a hormone, and why it is such a fantastic "vitamin") and try our hardest to give her "real"(non-GMO, organic, grass fed, free range, locally grown) food. She only has about 8oz of milk a day, cow's milk isn't the greatest thing for you so we limit it.  Which she is fine with.  She strictly drinks water, has no interest in anything else, which I am just fine with. We want to start eating as well as Em, but it's honestly very hard.  We are so focused on her eating right, that we find ourselves just whipping up something quick. All that being said, she sure does love her ice cream and cookies she gets once in a while.  Who doesn't??  She is also a big fan of pizza too...

Here is a little sneak at her one year blog post pics that I JUST did. The shoemaker's kids never have shoes...(Just click the image below)

Oh and here are some Christmas pics too!

Such a precious mish mosh of a post, right?

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  1. She is absolutely adorable. And you are excellent behind the lens, even an i-phone! Love all of it!



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