Monday, October 12, 2009

We embark on this journey...

It's been a little over 2 weeks now since Brian and I got hitched, and it feels surreal. I keep telling everyone how I remember counting down the days until the big day, and now we are watching the days come and go since the day. It was like a day in paradise that I really cannot describe. I keep thinking to myself, 'Was it real?' Well it was and I am now someone's wife and I have a husband..creeepppyyyy...well, not really creepy, but kind of different. The most common question we hear is, "So how is married life?" Hmmm... it's wonderful it honestly feels the same as before but extra special, because we had a ceremony solidifying the already robustly strong relationship Brian and I have. We have a beautiful life together and a wonderful family. Our 3 children, Stella, Leo, and Mattis (All of the canis species) are so fun and wonderful in their own ways. They bring so much joy to our lives (most people, if they didn't know, would think I'm talking about actual children) and make each and everyday more of a blessing than it already is. I Want to blog our lives, and you may think this sounds ridiculous, but I want to capture each and every moment we have in our lives together, and the best way is to snap a photo and write it down. So here it is! We have nothing to hide, we only have life to give. We have been given a gift, the gift of a wonderful relationship that we want to share with the world! There is a lot of pain and suffering in the world, and some of which we already have had to endure, and we want to turn it on it's head right now! We are ready to start our lives together and build a happy healthy home and family, and it's time to take on the world! Bring it on! This is the start of our lives!

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