Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Toast.

To a brand new year and to hoping that 2011 will be as fabulous as 2010 was.

Our NYE was spent at home, in our PJ's eating PF Chang's take-out, and watching a marathon of The Next Food Network star. Sounds great right? Well it was absolutely fantastic.  We had a whole 6 hours of alone time which was accompanied with a lot of tasteless jokes, laughs, and silent gazes at the glorious being that happened to be on the baby monitor.  

We stayed up long enough to watch the ball drop, and make fun of the idiots freezing their asses off in the middle of Times Square.  {We are NY'ers, that work in NYC; we just don't find that appealing} It's like going to your office on your day off.  Who wants to do that?

We decided to buy some champagne and whip out our wedding toasting flutes and go "crazy". We had to blow off some dust and rinse out the flutes of course because they had been sitting in our dining room hutch for over a year!

We even marched our butt's outside and put that blizzard we had to good use and used the snow to keep the champagne cold. Brian really gets all the credit for that idea - I swear I married a genius sometimes ;-)

On New Year's day we headed down to the Jersey Shore to visit family. No I did not run into "The Situation", but I was worried we were going to have a situation on our hands with Em in the car.  She hates her car seat. However, this day was like a turning point.  She was amazing in the car.  She slept and then played with her toy and had a big 'ol smile on her face!

When we arrived at my aunt's house, that smile went out the door.  Everyone bombarded her and she started crying and basically cried the entire time.  Her Gran Dukes swiftly scooped her up and basically held her the entire time - until, of course, she needed to eat.  My mom has dried up in that area. Not to mention that would be total creeper status right there.

When Em had a total meltdown, she wound up in her daddy's arms...

Oh, I'd also like to show you all the new me.  Drum roll please.....



New year. New do. New me.

Happy New Year!  Hope everyone keeps up those New Year's resolutions we make over and over each year.


  1. Love your hair! Your NYE sounds like it was perfect! I hope 2011 is even more amazing for you and your beautiful family!

  2. Love your new hair! I wish I could pull off something like that!

  3. That's a real smart haircut! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead!

  4. Max!! Your hair looks fantastic!! Glad you had a great new years eve!

  5. I love the hair!!!& little one is so adorable

  6. Awww Emerson is GORG!
    LOVE the snow/champagne idea
    and last but not least...
    Your hair is adorable!

  7. How did I miss this post? Love it! And tell Brian I love the snow idea. But, if y'all would move down to Texas we would have to use ice.



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