Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We have come full circle.

This is a little over a month late, but oh well.

First, I want to say, since August 29, 2010 at 11:54pm, I never truly knew how wonderful life could be... until...
The, "IT'S A GIRL!" moment, the "OMG what was life like before her?" moment, the, "this high is better than smoking weed" high....

What an amazing journey of ups and downs, and wouldn't change any one moment.  I love being Em's voice, advocate, teacher, provider, best friend, protector, and at times, playground. ;-)

I really didn't think I could ever enjoy a job more!

I have a few quick pics from Em's 1 year party.  I had a huge vintage theme planned under a big tent with a ton of decorations, but Hurricane Irene decided she had other plans for her party.  So about half my family canceled, and we got rained out, so I made a few centerpieces, decided to order pizza, and just enjoy the day with the few friends and family that could attend.  Either way, she had a great time!

She really enjoyed that cupcake....That was my absolute favorite moment of the party.

She had her one year check up the day after her actual birthday, and is as healthy as a horse.  I was slightly concerned about how waxy her ears are, but apparently the more they drain the better.  I have waxy ears too - poor kid. 

Her stats (As of 12 months) were again all in the 50th%, which they have been in consistently for the past few months.
Weight: 21lbs 1oz
Height: 28 3/4"
Head Circum: 17"

What are you doing by 12 months?

-pointing (My most favorite milestone and most important yet)
-Playing peek-a-boo, 
-waving and saying bye bye
-blowing kisses
-points to her nose or your nose when prompted
-makes two animal noises - "What does the monkey say?" Em: "Oo, oo aah aah" "What does the lion say? Em: "Raaawwwwrr"
- Identifies animals in books
-says more, milk, mama, dada, doggie (daw-eee), banana (nana)
- taking steps, but starting at 12.5 months, full blown walking (although wobbly and adorable)
-loves playing hide and seek and chasing the dogs around.

What are you eating?
-eggs, toast, waffles, pasta, chicken, beef, potatoes (lover of sweet potato), grilled cheese, mango, apples, avocado, grapes, OBSESSED WITH BLUEBERRIES, bananas, broccoli, peas, carrots, spinach (preferably in her eggs),  mac 'n cheese, basically everything we eat except nuts.  She drinks maybe 3 cups of milk a day, and the rest is water.

I know I'll probably think of something I missed when I hit 'publish post', but for now, that's about it.

Life is sweet in this house.  We are rich in love, and feel truly blessed, and Em has made me appreciate the little things in life, and has trained me to never take life for granted.

This Friday will be our big one year shoot I have been planning for over a month now.  You won't want to miss that!


  1. She is a doll. And love the way you've listed out all that she does now. Love and hugs to her!

  2. LOVE it! Great writing AND pics! Em truly rules that Webber castle! :)



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