Monday, February 7, 2011

Better late than never. {Emerson's 5 month update!}

Our Sweet little Emme Grace turned 5 months - OH. MY. GOSH. - January 29th!

That day was also the day of her blessing!

Little miss is growing perfectly and her height and weight have finally caught up to each other.
Height: 25" {50%}
Weight: 14lbs. 10oz {50%}
Head Circumference: 16" {50%}

We started her on solids at 4 months.  She loves her bananas and squash.  We are going to be incorporating pears, apples, and carrots into her diet soon too!
She is a rolling machine!  She won't stay in one place for more than 2 seconds!  I remember when I said I couldn't wait for her to start rolling over, well..I could have waited!  I watch her every single day and ask myself, 'Where did my newborn go?'

She is in size 2 diapers and 6 month clothes.  She is also teething pretty badly too. Her hand is forever in her mouth and she is extra fussy lately. {Nothing a little pedia care can't help with}

She is almost sitting up on her own, she tripods for a good 20 seconds, but sometimes falls too far forward.  I'm thinking by 6 months if not a little sooner we will have a full blown sitter!

This kid is also sooo playful!  She loves peek-a-boo, and she has a little puppy rattle that just cracks her up when she plays with it.

My child refuses to sleep without her miracle blanket.  She breaks out by the time the morning comes, but lately she has been staying nice and snug.  I'm hoping to get another month or so out of it.  I am dreading the day when swaddling is done forever and my kid becomes a night owl. ::sigh::

Other than that, she brightens up every second of everyday.  Daddy can't get enough of her and he is just her favorite these days!  She is also getting so much better about other people holding her too.

Love that babe!!!

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