Thursday, February 3, 2011

The gift of grace.

I'm sorry I have been neglectful to my blog and my readers -  I'm sure you were all very upset about my hiatus!

Well, life happens.  I just keeps on happening.

We had Emerson's blessing/ baby dedication this past weekend and it was fantastic.  One of our dearest friends who happens to be a pastor blessed our daughter and presented her to God.  He is also the person that married Brian and I.

It was a very intimate personal ceremony in our home with all our closest friends and family.

It. was. beautiful.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. I still find myself getting emotional just thinking about it. Damn, kids really screw you up! I was never a softie.  I was actually quite the opposite. Now, you can poke me and i'll cry!

Brian and his brother did all the cooking and the food was incredible.  Poor Brian was so busy focusing on the food that he didn't have a free second to dress nice. I was a little upset about the pics with his T-Shirt and sunglasses, but a dear friend reminded me that it is the genuine moment that is important. Our photos truly showed how blessed and how in love we are.

We just loved her up all day.
Mommy love.            Daddy love.
My whole world.

Right here.

God bless Emerson Grace.
The cake was quite tasty too!

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  1. Those are perfect family pictures and your daughter is adorable! God bless you!



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