Monday, June 6, 2011

To bask in blessed beauty.

That's what our very first family vacation was all about.

However, our trip did not start out as blissful as I had hoped.  We missed our first flight because the people that checked our bags thought chit chatting rather than making sure the line moved swiftly, was more important, We had 45 minutes before our flight but waited a half hour in line. So, we ended up hanging out in the airport for 5 hours! Em was a doll. I could not have asked for more. 

I also forgot my camera battery at home. {SEE IMAGE BELOW}

My dad sent it to my hotel the next day. After I jumped for joy upon receiving my battery, I later found out I left my memory card at home as well....

Saying I was livid, would be an understatement. I drove around the island looking for some sort of camera shop there were tons none! I finally found a Radio Shack the next day that sold compact flash cards.  By then, I had one day left to capture as many memories as possible!
{Crappy cell phone pic of my 'I forgot my batter face' - I made an attempt to "edit" it...}

 We had many many laughs in the pool...
 setting up the camera and handing it over to Brian was bittersweet. Part of me worried he wouldn't get the shot focused and properly exposed...

Another part of me just basked in the pure joy I was experiencing with my girl.

 This was the fish tank in the lobby of our hotel. It was gorgeous, and Em LOVED it.

 We enjoyed our beach bum and water baby.
 The sun enjoyed illuminating her delight as well.
 The aquarium was filled with adventures and stimulation.
 She relished in the abundance of creatures that surrounded her.
I could not have asked for anything more. 

We shopped on Duval street, and experienced fine dining with a very well behaved baby.  We looked forward to the pool and beach every single day. That is where Emerson's core happiness shined through.

I know she will not remember this trip, but I would like to believe a part of her grew from the experience and will forever be etched inside her.

Key West FL. May 2011

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