Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend antics.

We had quite an eventful weekend. This month Brian has weekends off {SWEEEEEET} and since it is also getting slightly nicer out, we are motivated to do more things.

Friday, I met up with my friend Kim {Bumpie as well} for some Mexican food and margaritas. We went to Bethenny's book signing next door after, and there were 998 other people waiting for Bethenny. She had 1,000 people turn out for her signing. I'm not surprised. She rocks.

These were the best close up shots I could get of her. I should have brought my big bad zoom lens, but I really didn't think there would be that many people there! I snapped a pic of her fabulous heels on the way down the stairs.

I got yelled at. Kim called me the paparazzi!

Saturday we hosted a BBQ at our house. Lots of wine, steaks, and guitar jammin'.  Brian's friend Willy, aka Uncle Willy is the entertainment for the kids.

Jake {My business partner's oldest son} & Willy doing Wolverine!

Who needs toys when you have Willy?
Em loves Willy. He was grabbing her legs, and she thought it was hysterical. Everyone has that one crazy friend that becomes the "crazy uncle." Well that's Uncle Willy for us!

My friend Ally had some nice quality time with her youngest son Luke. {Ally is my business partner's wife, and one of my dearest friends}

It isn't often you can snap a picture of Luke and have him actually smiling or not getting angry with you for taking his pic. 
I caught it. Just the moment.

It was perfect.

Sunday we spent most of the day outside and relaxing.

Em loved just relaxing in the grass!
Her buddy Leo liked her hanging in the grass too.

I love to freeze time. Time goes by so fast, and there are so many raw moments that need to be cherished, and this is why I love what I do. For moments like this!

My aunt came to visit yesterday too. She took us to dinner and helped us brainstorm ideas for house renovations. She is super creative and crafty. Our kitchen and my studio need a major make-over. {Inspiration coming soon!}

Ok, so the master {Emerson} calls, so that's all for now! :)


  1. OMG I love the pics of sweet Em in a dress with her toes in the grass!!!

    And, Uncle Steele and Uncle Jason are Kate's token crazy Uncles!

  2. Lol. See? Everyone has a crazy uncle! So happy to finally get her in a dress!

  3. Love the pictures of baby girl with her daddy! So sweet!



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