Thursday, April 7, 2011

When politics interferes with science.

I am a believer in science. I am a believer in real life stories.

I am a believer in seeing both sides to every argument, and I am a believer that people should do what is best for their children based on informed consent.

I am NOT anti-vaccine, or a conspirator.

I am NOT a believer in taking a yes or no answer without knowing both sides.

This movie is going to concede to both sides of the issue, and I think THAT is what people need. Information on both sides.

Vaccine court has admitted that vaccines are not 100% safe OR effective. They have paid out billions to families whom have suffered from a vaccine related injury, and it is on the rise. FACT.

We need our children to be safe. Safe from deadly diseases, as well as from deadly neurotoxins found in vaccines. I think we ALL can agree on that.

Safer vaccines, safer schedule. I DEMAND it.

The Greater Good movie trailer.

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