Friday, November 12, 2010

Daddy is my hero.

(A day late - But we had a super busy day yesterday, so today will have to do!)

As the sun started to rise, and our daughter started to stir, Brian did what he always does; he got up, grabbed Em, made breakfast, and cuddled with her.  He does this every single morning when he doesn't work the night before.  If he had been working, he would walk through the door at 8:15 in the morning, grab Em (If she isn't already up), and make breakfast. 

So back to yesterday.

This morning, was just like any other morning except, it was an extra special day for Brian.  He never asks for anything in return for the wonderful person he is, he does all the husband-like and daddy-like things with pleasure.  He has been like this his entire life. 

Brian is a United States Marine Corps. combat veteran.  He is also a grunt which is, An infantryman in military slang. 

To civilians, a grunt is no different than a "POG" (People Other than Grunts - I kid you not, these are all terms/slang the military uses).  However, to a "grunt", being a grunt comes with a much higher respect and regard within the military... 

These men, are the ones who have been in actual combat, and have lost men that they have stood next to for weeks, months, and even years.  Grunts have watched their brother's die an honorable death right beside them. 

Grunts live in the moment, for that moment could be their last. 
A grunt's most important goal is to make sure his brother comes home alive. 

A grunt is humble. 
He cannot think about tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come. 
For a grunt, sleep is a thing of the past. 
These men stare pure evil in the face - and mock it.

Death is knocking on their door, and will do whatever it takes to not have to open that door;  
        But if they do, they die with honor.  They die for perfect strangers.  For their brothers...

We have grunts to thank for being able to place our heads on our warm, soft, plush, pillows at night with ease.

Don't get me wrong...I believe that every person in the military, grunt or not, plays a vital role in protecting our country.  I have the utmost respect for each and every one of our men and women in the armed forces.  However, I am no ordinary civilian. 

I am a wife to a grunt. 

And for that, I have a different perspective. 

My husband served in Iraq in 2003 during the invasion.  He was a team leader, so he was responsible for not only his own life but the lives of 12 other Marines.  There was no running water, so no showers. No place of rest, so no beds.  My husband to this day, is very humbled.  He asks of nothing in return for his service, he was just proud to be on the frontlines serving his country.

My daughter, although only 2.5 months old, thanks her daddy each and every day for what he has done.  He is now a police officer, protecting us from domestic crime rather than foreign.  He is also a volunteer fireman.  Ya think he likes to help people?

So yesterday, we gave daddy a kiss and simply told him, "Thanks." (Mommy & daddy also had a nice date night as well!)


Never forget, that because of my husband's actions and the actions of many like him centuries before, we have the right to bitch and moan about our own lives, and can freely voice our opinions practically anywhere we want.  This country has had a long and hard fight, but we are here, and we rock, solely because of the actions of our brave men and women of the armed forces.


"The Few, The Proud, The Baby Girl of a United States Marine"

"Happy Veteran's Day daddy!  You're my hero!"

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  1. Well said! What a beautiful post!
    Happy Veteran's Day to Brian and a big THANK YOU!!!



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