Thursday, November 4, 2010

WTF kind of wife am I? joke...
My husband works as a police officer in the crappiest neighborhood known to man (well - at least one of the crappiest), and what do I do? Granted, I take care of our daughter when he is at work but for realsies...

He: cooks, does the grocery shopping, cleans, does the laundry, does the yard work, plays with Em every chance he gets, changes her diapers, burps her, etc. Etc...I know there is probably some very strong judgments in place right now, but I have never demanded he do ANY of these things. He does them at his own free will.

He LOVES to cook, and is damn good at it too, so why in God's name would I try to take over in that area? I do clean sometimes, and I sometimes do the laundry when I have a free chance, but he seems to always beat me to it.

I know I know, you're probably thinking that we must have such a cold and bitter relationship, but the truth of the matter is, we have one kick ass relationship. There is no complaining, no nagging, we are very affectionate, always laughing, always seeing what we can do for one another. While it seems as though he does everything, (why wouldn't it seem like that with what I just described?) we seem to have a good system going in this household.

But yet, I still always seem to ask myself, "WTF kind of wife am I?!" ok, ok, maybe I should go scrub the bathroom floor right now if I feel so badly about it...

NAHH! ;-)

FYI: at this current time, big daddy is making split pea soup for lunch..oyyyyyy I suck!

Go ahead judge away!

I have been reminded by my wonderful sister-in-law that I need to give myself some credit considering I have been a milk factory for the past 9, HA!


  1. Um, I thought I was the only one!!! Eek!
    I cook more often than Mike, but he is the laundry king, too! Do not be ashamed. Guys like this are few and far between.

    BFing is a job in itself (kinda, right?)



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