Monday, November 1, 2010


"Happy Two Months to me!"
"My oh my how I've grown"

*Height: 22 1/4" (50th %)

*Weight:  11lbs. 10oz.  (70th % - What a CHUNK!)

Head Circumference: 15.2" (50th %)
Milestones Met:
*TONS of social smiling
*Verbally responds when spoken to such as coos, goos, & squeals
*Imitates noises her mommy and daddy do
*Reaches for her toys when above her face
*Holds head up all by herself when sitting or being held in upright position
*Makes a fist and holds paci in her mouth when laying down
*"Low crawls" on her tummy (Marine Corps term - but best way to describe it LOL)
*Examines her own hands
*Purposely splashes in the tub and then follows with a laugh!

*Em is quite the big girl!  She is right on target with all her measurements, and surpassing all her milestones!
We had 2 shots today - trying to spread out the shots over the year, due to some shots being very unnecessary to receive at 2 months (Personal choice - and no I am not one of those "No vaccines for my kid" kind of mom).
*I nursed her the entire time she received her shots to ease the pain, and she whined/cried for maybe a minute or so.  Mommy and daddy were the ones that were upset.  Em is the champ in this household!

"I'm full of smiles on my two month bday!"

"I'm also hitting a milestone!"



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