Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time to bundle up.

*Well, it is officially cold in NY now.  We were getting away with nice spring-like weather for awhile, but not anymore.  We wake up now to frost on the cars, and dew on the grass, and mommy has started drinking hot coffee now...boooooo! (I love my iced coffee)

So, we decided to invest in one of these:
JJ Cole Bundle Me -Sooo much easier than dressing Em in all those bulky winter clothes to go out!

This proved to be one of our greatest baby-gear investments thus far!

*We also decided we needed an excuse to wear our adorable Kate Quinn jumpsuit, so we hung out in the backyard while daddy watered the trees!
Too cute for words!
Can you even take it?

Not the greatest pic, but nonetheless, it's my beautiful family!


  1. We LOVE the JJ Bundle carseat cover! It's chilly here, too. (We are not far from each other. I am in northeastern PA.) It's nice bc it is difficult to put a baby in a carseat with bulky clothes. We use this and lay a blanket across the bottom, too. So far, so good!
    And her jumpsuit is SO cute and no, I can't take it! I love pictures of E!!!

  2. We do live close!
    I was nervous about investing in the bundle me because E hates her car seat so we usually just take her out of it once we get to where we are going. However, for short trips to the store and such, it is wonderful! I think I'm going to buy another one for the stroller too!

    Damn you people that live in warm climates! (but too bad you can't enjoy this great invention! Lol)



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