Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh the things people will say...

Let me start off the story by telling those that did not know about Em's "Angel Kiss".  They are birth marks found in between the eyebrow line of a baby when born.  They are 2 red lines, and some extend over the eyelid {Like my little angel}. 80% of babies are born with one, and I really love Emerson's. They usually completely vanish by the time the baby is a year or two old.

We went to an engagement party last Sunday and Em was absolutely fantastic!  It was the first time we actually enjoyed ourselves at a function with her.

So, as big daddy and I were going to grab a bite to eat, I was carrying Em and a little old lady came up to us and the convo was as follows:

Little Old Lady: "Oh, what a beautiful little baby, what's HIS name?" {Mind you, Em was wearing all pink!}

Me: "HER name is Emerson."

Little Old Lady: "Someone must have kissed her, because she has a lipstick mark in between her eyes."

Big Daddy: "Yes.  She was kissed by an angel..."

Little Old Lady {Looking completely baffled}: "Oh...umm..that's nice.  HE is very cute..."

Way to go Big Daddy - Good comeback!!!

Ohhhh the things people will say...

Now tell me, does that look like a lipstick mark to you?!?!?
This is em at 1 week - When you can really see it.


  1. Hah! Oh my gosh my house wasn't even close to that! It was below 200,000! We got a really good deal because the builder wanted to get rid of it!

    Oh, and I donated to Cliff and just blogged about him. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. NY sucks!!!
    I just saw your cliff post - that story breaks my heart! :(

  3. your LO is absolutly beautiful. :)Her and her angel kiss.

  4. Thank You! My husband's dad past away a few years ago, so we are convinced he's the angel that kissed her!

  5. I think it's adorable, Max! V has one between her eyebrows as well; just not as defined. I think they are cute, actually. Elderly people ... sheesh! You just have to smile and nod, right? :P

  6. Em's is starting to fade! :( I miss it!

  7. I just stumbed on your blog and ahhh she's so cute!!!!! What a little doll. You should be one proud mom : )



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