Saturday, December 18, 2010

We thank God for Em's recovery AND the seahorse.

Tuggin' on your heart strings is one thing, but having your heart completely ripped out is another. 

Em developed RSV.  A respiratory infection that is manageable in adults, but deadly in infants...

Our little Emerson Grace had to be sent to the ER on Wednesday due to high fever, shallow breathing, and elevated heart rate.  forget the fact that she was completely lifeless and lethargic. I really wanted to know where my kid went, because she was not the smiling, giggling, squiggle worm I knew.

On Tuesday, Em woke up with a few sniffles and a bit of a cough but she was acting like herself and had no fever. I called my pedi office and one of the nurses said to just monitor her and to call back if something seems out of the ordinary or if she develops a fever.

Well, the next day, Em did just that.

She was acting completely different and spiked a fever by noon time. Her fever was only 100.5, but nonetheless, it was still a fever and I made an appointment to come into the pedi office for 4:40pm.

Well by 2pm, Em went on a nursing strike, {so not like her AT ALL} and her fever hit 102.2.  I called the office and spoke to the "all knowing" receptionist and she told me that all the doctors and nurses were on their lunch break and I'd have to call back..

Um hell no!  I told her I had an appointment for 4:40 but my kid is lifeless and her fever is on the rise.

And, still, the peachy receptionist huffed and puffed and put me on hold, and then came back and had the nerve to say, "Well if you are really concerned I guess you can bring her in.."

Really concerned? You GUESS if I'm reaaaalllyyyy  concerned I can bring her in?

I told her I need to speak to a medical professional and not some girl that answers phones. 

She didn't like that very much. {TOO BAD!}

I was told to come in immediately... BY A NURSE!  So off to the pedi we went.

It took almost a half hour before we could get vital readings, and then the pedi looked at me and said, "You need to go to the ER immediately.  I'm calling them now - Go straight there!"

So, my heart sank and off we went.  {A concerned friend, you know who you are, called and reassured me everything was going to be fine, and knowing what it is like to have a sick child, she prepared me for what we were about to endure - I thank you for your thoughtfulness xoxo}

The rest of our time spent at the hospital became a blur, so the pictures are going to have to explain...

These were taken with my phone while waiting in the PEDS ER.
Poor baby, in her little clown hospital gown, so sleepy and had no idea what she was about to face...
This was after 45 minutes of using my daughter as a pin cushion! {THANK GOD FOR THAT SEAHORSE - Our saving "grace" - literally!} Look at that little arm and IV...

After a full work up of blood work, an x-ray, and urinalysis,  Em was admitted to the hospital for 2 days.  Her sleep schedule was completely thrown off, mommy was up all night long trying to soothe her while the PCA's came in every 4 hours to check her vitals. Trying to do a blood pressure reading on a 3.5 month old is nearly impossible!  Instead of letting my baby rest, they let her scream while trying to get a reading and yet, they left the room with no results - why keep coming back and traumatizing her?

This was her sleeping quarters.  We refer to it as "baby jail".

After being diagnosed with RSV, She was prescribed a nebulizer treatment to try and break up all the flem in her lungs, and make her more comfortable.
Daddy, giving his little girl her nebulizer treatment. {Luckily, it wasn't a cryfest during these times - she actually liked it.}

On the last day in the hospital we had a special visitor...

Aunt Neen stopped by! She walked in and started to cry.  No she isn't a drama queen, she is someone who knows first hand what it is like to see your child sick in a hopsital.  My amazing sister {really my sister-in-law, but she is more like my sister} had spent the last 4 years in and out of hospitals with her one twin Eric.  He developed infantile seizures at 9 months and underwent numerous tests, EEG's, sleepless nights in the hospital, and a whirlwind of devastating blows with every assumption made by every medical professional that examined Eric.

So, crying was inevitable when she saw her precious little niece in that "baby jail".

Just hnging with her favorite Aunt Neen, passing the time blowing bubbles - Waiting to be discharged.

Of course, she falls asleep in her favorite place in the entire world. {That is a very exhausted daddy}

When we got home, Em was happy to be back in her own crib and her own swing.  We changed her into a fresh clean outfit and let her hang in her crib a bit.

Home again, in her comfy place.

With her seahorse...

Hoping withing the next few days she starts feeling more like herself and starts sleeping comfortably through the night again. {Mommy and daddy would really appreciate that! - LOL}


  1. Max, so glad that Em is home all safe and sound and hopefully 100% in no time! <3

  2. I've already talked to you but I am so glad that Em is hope and on the road to recovery.

    She looks so pitiful in those pictures. Poor girl.

  3. how scary! so glad that sweet girl of yours is okay and good for you for pushing through w/ that cow of a receptionist at your pedi office!!

  4. Oh this made me want to cry! So glad she is ok!

  5. Found your space through another blog and am glad to be here.

    Your daughter is adorable and hope she is keeping fine now. Take care and have nice holidays!



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