Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Well, she's a big girl..." {3 month update!}

Those were the words the doctor told us when we asked him why Em hasn't rolled over yet! I literally almost pissed myself! Em was officially 3 months old yesterday, but today was our 3 month check up! She is my little chunker!

 Height: 23 1/4" (50th %)
Weight: 13lbs. 7oz (75%)
Head Circumference: 15.6" (50th%)

She is a perfect average across the board!

Her accomplishments this month:
*Sitting up practically unassisted
*Responding to her name
*Recognizing when we leave the room (Not an accomplishment I favor - but it's good developmentally)
*MAJOR babbling!  She has really found her voice this month. She will talk literally all day long and in her sleep as well!
*She still despises tummy time, refuses to even attempt to roll over because she hates it so much, but she will literally use her feet to push herself across the crib on her tummy.
*She grabs her toys that hang from her car seat.
*She will scoot herself over to her binky if it falls from her mouth and suck it back in.
*I also think she is starting to enjoy her car seat!  I think it is because she is enticed by the toys a bit more now.

Here are some of Em's favorite things she has discovered in her 3rd month:
She LOVES her jumparoo!

She will spend hours in it playing with the toys...
Until she exhausts herself and falls asleep.
She also loves her exersaucer...

She loves kicking her feet around.
I think I bite those feet 100's of times a day!

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