Friday, March 11, 2011

Every single person needs to watch/read this.

Preface: I am in NO WAY anti-vaccine. I am anti-schedule. We need to change the schedule of the vaccinations, and doctors, the people we trust our baby's lives to, need to be more up front and HONEST with us. They are not being honest if they stick to the current schedule of vaccines.

1. Yes, it has been PROVEN that vaccines contribute to the rise of autism and other ND's (neurological disorders) I have seen it myself more than NOT!

2. Pharma companies have settled in court for death and/or injury that has happened to many children as a result of the vaccines. Billions have been won. Why? The pharma companies know what they are doing is wrong.

3. Back when "we" were kids, {I say "we" because we are all different ages but up until about 7-10 years ago the vaccination schedule was completely different} every 1 in 10,000 kids were diagnosed with some sort of ND. Now?? 1 in 68!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That statistic has directly gone up with the rise of vaccinations. Within the 1st year of life children were given a total of 10 vaccines. Now they are given 36! Each one with more deadly and CHEAPER toxins inside of them.

4. I in no way judge you if you stick to the current schedule, I just want people to educate themselves a bit more before they make that decision. After you do your research, you still believe that sticking to the schedule is right for you and your family, I can't fault you, nor would I.

Click here to watch this video.

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