Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Slow down!

I feel pretty...                   Oh so pretty...
Emerson is 7 months! I was getting her ready for bed and put her in her very first sleep sack we ever bought her and it is a size 0-6 months and up to 18lbs. She used to SWIM in that thing, and now it is getting a bit too snug. I can't even believe how fast 7 months went by.

We don't have our well baby until next week, and now we start going to the pedi every 2 months rather than every month, but since Em couldn't receive her eye exam at her 6 month check up, we decided to do it a month later. 

Em developed a super bad rash today on her back. Like, broke the skin and bleeding bad. So we made a quick trip to the pedi. This kid has daddy's ultra sensitive skin on top of having sensitive baby skin anyway. It seems as though it was a contact rash. I noticed the rash when I changed a major blowout diaper, and it happened when she was in her jumperoo. She was in the jumperoo for about 45 minutes, and I started to smell something....I took her out, and her entire outfit was ruined with poop..Thanks Em! 

{Of course she decided to go right when daddy was just walking out the door to go to work.}

So I think the combo of poop, and the jumping created friction on her back which made her super sensitive skin break out. 

I felt awful!  Glad that's all it was though.

In better news...

Em gained 3 lbs in 1 month!!!! She is 16lbs 11oz. GO EM! She wasn't measured, so we will just have to wait for her height stat next week.

BIG THINGS HAPPENING THIS MONTH {She started falling behind a bit at 6 months, so this month her changes have been quick and major}

*She is a squirm worm! Always on the move, scooting and rolling all over the place. She is starting to grab onto the bumper in her crib and pull herself up. She does this when I change her too, which makes diaper changes super fun!

*She is a full blown sitter ::PHEW:: and she is getting on all fours! Not really rocking yet, {THANK GOD}, and she will stay on all four's only for a few seconds.

*She has been holding her own bottle since 5 months, and we switched to level 3 nipples today. We have been using level 1's!!!! I was an exclusive breast feeder, WTF do I know??!?! LOL. That being said, we nurse twice a day still.

*She is in size 3 diapers completely now, fits in 6-9 month clothes, and in some 3-6.

*We clap hands, occasionally. It really takes a lot of encouragement for her to do it. She mostly does it when Brian plays the guitar for her.

*She is also starting to roll onto her tummy and sleep like that at night. Just like her mommy and daddy. 

So, being that my kid has returned to her moose-like self, I felt it appropriate to show off all her rolls...

These pics were taken in my studio a few days ago.


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