Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Halfway to 1!

Happy half little Em! {See below the reason why I underlined the word little}

Weight: 13lbs 10oz {10th%}
Height: 25" {25th%}
Head Circumference: 16.3" {25th%}

That's right folks, 10th%!!! She went from being a rather large baby to a very tiny baby.  The pedi thinks it can either be from teething and her not nursing efficiently because it hurts, her genetic make-up caught up with her {both Brian and I were very small babies}, or she may have low muscle tone. ::sigh::

She is still not sitting up unassisted for longer than a few seconds. I know that the range for sitting up is between 4-8 months, but she is super "floppy". The pedi did a few tests and sees that her muscle density/strength are falling behind for a 6 month old. So we were referred to a neurologist.  We will be seeing the neuro in another month.

We decided to supplement with formula a bit so she isn't struggling with the nursing. My poor kid needs to pack on the pounds! Where did my chubby newborn go?!?!

In better news, she is loving her solids. We are going to start her on pears tomorrow, but bananas and squash have been her food of choice thus far. She has started grabbing the spoon - Boy, oh boy I can just see it now, "Mom, I can do it myself!!!" Yea...I'm in for it!

She has hit some nice milestones minus our setbacks.  She can hold her own bottle, AND she got  a tooth! The very top of the tooth broke through yesterday. Nursing is becoming a bit painful, so we are going to see how it goes once more start cutting. We may have to stop nursing. We. shall. see.

The kid is soooo vocal! She totally knows her name, and she mimics every sound we make! I had a bit of a cough recently so now she likes to fake cough and then laugh at herself. I have a real character.

I'm hoping she starts getting a stronger core and stronger neck muscles - God knows this kid has SUPER strong arms and legs..damn! We used to call her the super moose baby! She was a chunky moose and soooo uber strong!

Regardless, Em is healthy as can be, and always super happy. I love waking up to that big beautiful smile and those piercing blue eyes.

That is one darling child. I think I'll keep her! ;)


  1. I love that first picture. She's all, "Heeeeey!"

  2. Max, she is so beautiful! Happy 6 months, Emerson! :)



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