Saturday, March 5, 2011


To set things straight.

About who I am and what I do. Do I take pictures? Yes. Do I cost more than lets say Sears or Kiddie Kandids? Eh...That is up for debate.

My price compared to other "custom photographers" is very low. My price to a non-custom place like kiddie kandids and Sears may seem a bit high.  However, so many people are swayed into purchasing so much more than the $19.99 special.

Getting back to custom photography, that is what I do. I make sure we settle on a date, time and location of YOUR choice. We work until you and your child are done with the session, and we work on you and your child's time. Everything is custom for you. Take that, as well as the high end gear I work with and my post processing time and efforts and you get  custom package.

So many people have gasped at my prices and said, "Oh I'll just go to kiddie kandids." If you see quality in kiddie kandids than by all means enjoy your impersonal non-custom time there. If your kid cries, more than likely, you won't leave with photos that evoke tear jerking emotion on your part. However, so many people are so happy to settle for just a snapshot of their kid.

I don't do snapshots. I make art.

That being said, let me show you what else a photo factory does NOT do.

So when you are done oogling at the adorable little girl in the pic, take a look at the differences. On the left is a SOOC shot and on the right is the image post-processed. I took an already good photo {Because good photos come from the eye, which is captured by the camera that must be set on manual} and just added some adjustments and creation to it. I enhanced it, and brought out what beautiful aspects were already in it.

I also took out my husband's hand, which took quite some time and effort - again, something you will NOT get from Sears!

I just want everyone to understand what comes with the price on custom photography.  You are using our talent, time, and 100% devotion to YOUR needs and schedule.  These photos are of you and your moments.  There is no staging, on a rinky dinky prop that just doesn't fit with your taste, and we work for you.  Customer satisfaction is not what a photography factory {sears, kiddie kandids, picture people...etc etc} is about.

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