Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back to pre-preg. weight (thanks to the ta-ta's!)

It's true! Breastfeeding will help you lose your pregnancy weight and then some!

By 2 weeks postpartum, this first time mama is back to her pre pregnancy weight. By 5 weeks I'm down 3 more pounds! My skin is also so nice (radiant, according to Brian xoxo) and I have a ton of energy!

You hear so many negative Nancy's and Debbie downers telling you how your breasts will never be the same or how awful breastfeeding is, and how hard it is, but you never hear about all the wonderful things that come with breastfeeding territory. There are certainly more good things than bad when you choose to breastfeed.

So stop listening to what other people say! And work hard to do it and it will pay off for baby and mom as well!

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