Friday, October 29, 2010

My new beauty

I'm THRILLED to announce that I will no longer be relying on my crackberry for photos because I am now the proud new owner of this beauty:
Nikon D700 - The one and only camera any and all photographers should use!

I can't wait to start photographing again, and get the business going! I have a great teacher as well: 


  1. I have a D60 that is 2.5 years old that I love! I am still figuring out my 50mm but have a few other lenses that I am pretty decent with!

    Now if I would just take the time to learn how to do some editing....

  2. Hey Linds, Nikon is by far THE BEST brand of camera.

    I suggest getting the 70-30mm NIKKOR AF-S VR lens. It is very user friendly, and a great lens to learn on as well as being really reliable for catching some great shots!

    Also, as far as editing, the best investment you will ever make for editing software is Kevin Kubota's software.

    Good Luck!
    Let me know if and when you get the software and how you make out! :)



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