Sunday, October 24, 2010

Emerson's Outings! (WARNING: Whining included)

For the past 2 weeks, we have done A LOT of things! Last weekend we brought Em to the Oyster Bay Festival, which was special for us since we spent a lot of time there when Brian and I first started dating, and we also got engaged there. We told Em, "This is where it all began!" (We need a little 'cheese' in our life sometimes)

The day was gorgeous, but the festival itself wasn't so great. It was so over crowded, and not set up for easy maneuverability. Granted, we aren't used to pushing a gigantic stroller around in crowds either, but it was still crowded stroller or not. We also spent $30 on 2 sodas! Sure, we got cool stainless steel mugs and we could get free refills, but the lines were way too long to stand on for a damn refill! I guess we paid for the experience right? (I need to justify the reason for spending a ridiculous amount of $$ on a damn soda somehow!)
*Emerson and mommy! This was post-boob time, as she is still in her milk coma!

As for yesterday, we had our first pumpkin pick outing! This trip was a disaster however. We went with my brother in-law and sister in-law and my twin nephews. We usually go out East for the true pumpkin picking experience, however this year we decided to stay closer to home.

As a result, the pumpkins were imported and to us New Yorkers, it isn't true pumpkin picking unless the pumpkins are straight off the vine! (I know, Long Islanders are spoiled - We have the audacity to bitch about the pumpkins not being on the vine!) So there was "disaster" number one; the pumpkins were imported and not to mention, ROTTEN!

Disaster number two was being kicked out of one of the pumpkin patches by a 9-year old that worked there. How the heck were we supposed to know THAT specific pumpkin patch was "off limits"? It was obnoxious, especially since were are with 5 year-old boys that just want to bring home a damn pumpkin!

Disaster number three was my sister in law taking a sip of her can of coke and getting a bee lodged under her upper lip! Thankfully she wasn't stung but WTF? Ok, so that wasn't the farm's fault, but it added to the list of disappointments for the day.

Lastly, the biggest annoyance of the day. The deciding factor as to whether or not we would EVER return to this farm, was when we were walking out to our truck to load up the pumpkins, and, yet again, another 9-year old told us, "Sorry you have to leave the wagon here." Ummm...ok so we can't walk 15 ft. to our car to load up 6 giant pumpkins (That were 'eh' to begin with - they were the best ones there since they weren't rotten) as well as two energetic 5-year old boys and a newborn? Now we have to make 3 trips back and forth to grab the pumpkins. One was loading up the stroller, one was loading up the boys, one was loading up the SCREAMING infant, one made sure all our belongings were in the car, and all while trying not to forget the pumpkins and get run over in the madhouse parking lot at the same time! PHEW - Just typing that exhausted me!
*Emerson still had a happy face on and made it all worth while!


  1. Look at Em in her big girl stroller seat! Our girls are growing up way too fast...

  2. Omg I know! Sooo crazy! After you mentioned that fitness class, I decided to try Em in her seat since you said K was fine in hers at the incline. She LOVES the toddler seat, especially since she's a nosey little girl, she can see what's going on!



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