Sunday, October 31, 2010


Emerson's 1st Halloween was ehhhhh..ok?!  She was super super cranky all day - thanks to daddy's perogies and onions I ate the night before!  Poor kid, has no choice in the matter!  I have to really start watching more of what I eat because I have one gassy kid!

Ok...on to the fun stuff...

So Em was a precious little pumpkin!  Daddy has been calling her his 'munchkin pumpkin' since day one, so we thought a pumpkin would be quite fitting!  I of course bought her costume on Etsy, and I am so glad I did!
Just look at that orange tulle of cuteness! 

We went trick or treating with her cousins around town and it was very fun! Em slept the entire time while I wore her, but considering she was sooo cranky all day, I didn't mind. I would much rather have her sleep through trick or treating than scream and cry the entire time.

Or treat?
After we got home from an "exhausting" day of trick or treating - LOL - Em had some play time with daddy and then tuckered out!
After all that play time...
came a much needed nap time!


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  1. So cute! V's got the same outfit! I love her Halloween sleeper, too!



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